About Us
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About Us


Our Mission

Coastal Wake was founded to share one man’s passion for wake sports and the place he calls home. As part of Coastal Wake’s goal to promote our exquisite waters and pristine beaches, we’re eager to help both new and seasoned adventurers enjoy and appreciate the thrills the intercoastal has to offer. There’s no one better to provide you with the memories that are sure to come from your experience on the water with Coastal Wake.

Our Equipment

When we say luxury we mean it. Coastal Wake tours operate on the Nautique Boats G23, an exceptional watercraft for an exceptional experience. Configurable wakeboard wakes for all ages and skill levels, transom seating, and more combine to provide the perfect high performance finish. Integrated into the hull of the boat is the SurfStar System with triple-plate technology to provide configurable surf wakes from settings that range from 1-10. With high-end technology throughout the vessel there is flawless performance at any speed. With 450 horsepower and 479 feet per pound of torque, it goes without saying that you’re in for the most thrilling part of your vacation.


Our Fleet

Coastal Wake exclusively runs our charters on the Nautique Boats, the best in the industry. There is no need to worry about what to bring with you and what to leave on shore as the G23 has the storage and seating to accommodate groups. From the boat’s ultimate sound system to the comfortable seating, when you’re out on the water with Coastal Wake you’ll be surrounded by luxury.

Our Team

Our captain is an international wakeboarding champion who is eager to share his skillset with you. You can trust that anyone who takes you out on a Coastal Wake tour is knowledgeable about the sport, the area, and proper safety. Anyone can tow you around the Intracoastal, but only Coastal Wake’s experienced and elite experience ambassadors can immerse you in an exciting, luxury tour of Florida’s pristine waterways. With years of experience on the water, our team of expert boaters, premier wakesports instructors, and seasoned guides are eager to customize the perfect experience for you.


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