Our Team
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Meet The Team


Michael Williams | CEO

Michael was born and raised in Central Florida and is proud to call this beautiful place his home. Michael and his friends spend most weekdays on the lakes behind the boat riding and chasing their dreams of becoming professional wakeboarders. Now, with passion and pursuit to innovate the way watersports are engaged within local communities and guests from afar.


Michael has always been an avid watersports enthusiast with a passion for anything on the water. With over 8 years of experience in the boating industry and 4000 hours behind the helms of wakeboard boats, it’s safe to say he knows almost all the ins and outs of his favorite boat and the Florida waterways. No need to worry if it’s your first time trying to learn, Michael is a National and World Champion Wakeboarder that has the knowledge and abilities to get you up on any board for the first time. He has decided to chase his dreams and continue to pass on his passion for watersports and share his favorite weekend getaway spots with his company Coastal Wake.


Ashton Coker | Chief Marketing Officer

Ashton, a lifelong resident of Central Florida, has been friends with Michael for over a decade. Growing up surrounded by water, Ashton became deeply involved in the wake sports community. He has traveled the world and competed in various wakeboarding events.


Ashton’s passion for cinematography began at an early age and he has since continued to merge his love for filmmaking with the boating industry. As a Certified Remote Pilot with an FAA Part 107 Commercial License, Ashton actively employs his skills to capture stunning visuals for the guests during our charters and camps. Additionally, he excels in steady-cam videography and photography, ensuring that your memorable moments are professionally captured and ready for you to cherish digitally.


Spencer Newman | Ambassador

Spencer, born and raised in Orlando, grew up surrounded by the allure of the lake. He graduated from the University of Florida with a BSBA in Finance, blending his love for the water with a solid educational foundation. With hundreds of hours dedicated to both driving and riding behind wake boats, Spencer’s expertise is unparalleled, ensuring he meets and exceeds your expectations on the water. His dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences is evident in every interaction, making each guest feel valued and cared for.


Jacob Spore | Ambassador

Jacob was born and raised in Orlando, spending his childhood on the scenic Lake Maitland. From a young age, he developed a deep passion for watersports, cherishing every moment spent on the water. With over eight years of active involvement in the watersports community, Jacob has dedicated himself to sharing his enthusiasm and expertise with others. Driven by his commitment to advancing the watersports industry, he joined Coastal Wake, where he has been instrumental in introducing countless individuals to the joys of wakeboat activities.

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